Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Don't Have to Write…

For the first time in many years, I don’t have to write!
At those words, most of the people who know me are covering their mouths and running for the shadows, snickering.
No more, “I can’t, I have to beat this deadline.” No more worrying about how many words were going to be counted on this day. The last period has been placed and the manuscript is being Q.A.-ed.
It’s done.
Preliminary reports aren’t too bad. Only one, “How the hell did that get missed?” So there is still a little cleaning to be done. But all the heavy lifting has been done. This means, the countdown to launch has begun.
The ISBN for Aggadeh Chronicles Book 1: Nobody has been set: 978-0-9834857-1-1. The copyright will be filed shortly, as soon as the latest edits are put in place and the manuscript is ready for print.
The target date for release is August 21st. Note, that isn’t entirely written in stone. But it is the target. So long as I don’t get hit with the need to rewrite a section, any adjustments should go quickly.
Thanks for your patience!