Friday, August 11, 2017

The People You Work With

No matter how hard the job or onerous the task, it is the people you work with that make the difference. Retail is a pretty tough business to work in. It may not be the hardest or worst of jobs, but it is long hours of constant energy trying to help customers find the solutions they are looking for.
The team I work with at Lowe’s in North Attleboro are what make the difference through the long hours. We make each other laugh, we listen to each other vent our frustrations, and then we make each other laugh more as we work together through the day. I count my teammates at Lowe’s among my friends.
When our Friday night meeting was called—we review the sales of the week and what is planned for the weekend—I had absolutely no idea anything was up.
Our assistant store manager Mike B. made a comment about how closely working a as a team builds strong friendships, and they wanted to show their appreciation for the efforts of one of their team members. He then turned to Chuck V. and told him to "Bring it up." Chuck walked up and held out a bag with something in it. 
I stood there smiling blankly wondering who they were talking about, when I realized Chuck was holding the bag out to me.
The moment I touched it, I knew what it was! Chuck does bookbinding and restoration professionally. It’s one thing to know what your friends do, it is entirely another to have such a personalized surprise.
Chuck took a print copy of Dragon and bound it in leather.
The big surprise was the book was autographed by the friends I work with at Lowe’s.
What an awesome gift!

Thanks everyone!