Thursday, December 27, 2012

The View So Far…

When I launched Nobody (The Pirate Arc) on Thanksgiving, I took a look at how well successful books did during their initial launch. The numbers were anecdotal, drawn from interviews the various authors did about their successes. Based on their experiences, I created an estimate of where I thought the numbers would be at the end of the month, if everything was going well. I figured if things were going decently, I should have a couple of dozen copies sold by the end of December.
As I mentioned two weeks ago, the ultimate goal would be to reach 110 copies sold by the end of the month. This was based on how many friends said they would be willing to buy my book when it came out. Somewhere at the low end of the difference I figured would be the conservative estimate.
Another key point about the number 110, is I figured any number higher than that would guarantee that many people buying it would be complete strangers to me.
The popular titles I referenced had rather inauspicious beginnings, selling only tens to dozens of copies during their first month or two. These two titles went on to sell tens and hundreds of thousands of copies within the year following. I can only hope I get so lucky!
So, my shoot for the moon figure for the end of December is 110. While past performance is no indicator of future successes, I figured reaching 110 would be a pretty damned good indicator of future potential!

As of a few minutes ago, my sales count for December so far is 702.  

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