Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Status on Nobody

So far: 96,250 words. In a 9x6 hardcover book, that means 287 pages at 12pt print.
To do: adding two more chapters to the story to round things off a little better. Plus a few other small parts to add to the book.
The end result should be between 106,000 and 110,000 words, making it roughly 310—320 pages long.
If I really push, I should be done with the two chapters by the end of this week. This means I put Nobody into final edit next week.
I give it about three or four weeks of scouring over the returned editing suggestions and rewriting the mistakes. Once that is done, the ebook gets constructed which takes me anywhere between a couple of days to a week.
Then the book as a whole gets reread by editors to look for any other mistakes, continuity, errors, etc.
At that point, if there are no glaring errors or continuity problems that stand out, I’ll package it all up and Nobody gets released.
Idealistically and not being very conservative, I’m looking at a possible release date of May 25. Once I've reached a point in editing where I know it is going to be complete on time, I'll open Nobody for pre-order online.

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