Friday, May 9, 2014

Progress on Dragon

There’s something exciting about looking at the progress bar and seeing a visual representation of how far along my work is and seeing just how close it is to the goal. It’s nice to be able to say, “Oh, yeah! Almost there!”
The time it took (so far) to write Dragon is about one-fourth the time it took to write Nobody. It’s an accepted notion that the first book always takes the longest to write. I find I have to agree, based on my own experience. I am definitely writing faster now; perhaps I can say I’m writing smarter.
Yet I can still see I could do much better.
I’m already looking ahead to Oracle and considering a spring-2015 release, putting that five to six months ahead of schedule. Part of that effort is just a matter of better time management. While Dragon is out for editing, start work on Oracle.
What makes this possible is that I’m writing Dragon differently from how I wrote Nobody. The first book was written in separate pieces and each of those pieces was edited individually. Dragon is being written as one solid manuscript and will go out as such. Because of that, I won’t have anything to be hammering on during the edit. I may as well turn my attention forward and get started on Oracle right away.
On Monday, I’m posting my entry in the Writing Process Blog Tour. That actually got me thinking on just how it is I go about writing. The mistakes I make, the places where I need to change or be more disciplined, and what I’m doing right. It’s a good thing to look at how you work and to analyze it on a regular basis. I know I can work better and by looking at what I’m doing in a critical way, I can see the mistakes.
With that being said, time to put my nose to the grindstone and my fingertips to the keyboard and get back to work.

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