Friday, July 25, 2014

Reviewers Wanted!

Kobo Books is working on revamping their web site. As part of this work, they are bringing back the far-too-long-missing reader review system. Kobo is providing authors with a link so readers can post reviews of their books and preload the review system for when it is ready for launch.
So, I’m calling on everyone who has read and enjoyed my book to please post a review! (Link Button below.)
Authors live and breathe by the reviews they get. Getting a good review for an author is like being a ten-year-old locked overnight in a candy store. (Bad reviews, however, leave an author curled up in the corner sobbing like an unloved kitten wondering what it did to deserve being kicked.)
What do you write in a review? Just click on the fifth star and write how much you enjoyed reading the story. It wouldn’t hurt if you also mention how you can’t wait for the next installment… ;)
For people who know me personally, there is no need to explain your relationship to me, even if you are my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. In fact, trying to explain how you know the author tends to work against the purpose of a review. People tend to look upon such reviewers as paid shills and it negates the sentiment. So, even if you know me, just forget that and say what you thought about the story. That’s what other people care about, whether or not the story was good. Not your relationship with the author.
What is Kobo?
Kobo (“Book” spelled sideways) is arguably the third or fourth ebook market in the world, ranked up there with Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. Late last year, Kobo underwent a corporate restructuring and layoffs, which did get many independent authors concerned that they were possibly losing a sales channel.
Kobo reached out personally to the independent author community in response to their concerns and listened. They assured the independent writing community that they had a plan and would be hitting the market with renewed vigor.
Now we are seeing the first step in that program.
Kobo offers ebooks in EPUB format and DRM free. That means, you are free to read any ebook you purchase from Kobo on any device. If you have an ebook reader that uses a different format, such as the Amazon Kindle, you can easily convert EPUB to that format through several different means.
Think of what you liked about Nobody and write it in a review here, and give me a running start! Thanks! (Oh, and if you haven't read it yet, you can buy it HERE! Or here…)


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