Friday, December 19, 2014


I  just joined onto the new Ello social network site.
My particular feed can be found here:

The idea about Ello is to be as barebones as possible. No ads, no junk, just posts by the members. Quite the opposite of what other social networking sites have become. Will Ello catch on like Twitter, FacebookGoogle+, and MySpace before? That’s pretty difficult to predict. I figure it is worth a try.
I find myself getting drowned out on Facebook. I post something, and very few people actually ever see it. Either it is throttled by Facebook, or is lost in all the noise of advertisements, trendy commercial shares, cat videos, or other cruft and garbage. I get seen by more people on Twitter than on Facebook, so my return on investment [of time and effort] is much better. However, I don’t reach very many people on Twitter unless someone with a lot of followers decides to either share or follow me. My Twitter footprint isn’t quite enough, yet. Unlike Facebook, however, my exposure on Twitter is growing.
With Google+, I have a very small following. However, I am more likely to garner comments from random strangers on Google+ than I am on any other social network. So, G+ remains an integral part of my social contact.
I did set up an account on Pinterest, but I haven’t yet tried to engage with it yet. A number of authors I know have been active on Pinterest and have found success with their efforts to market their books there.
Now I’m on Ello. Simple and clean without the crap.
Right now, Ello is by invitation only. So, the people represented are being curated and this results in a more interesting and intellectual exchange going on. That could be what makes Ello a success, by having meaningful and interesting content instead of ignorant political rants, obnoxious posts, or sophomoric behavior.
With that, perhaps I’ll gather a following on Ello with better success than I have with other social networks. By not being lost in the noise…

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