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There are two things that are wrong with American politics and what is so wrong with this entire election:

Read the above article. If you don’t, then nothing I say below will make any sense whatsoever. In fact, because this is what I think is wrong with American politics, I’m just going to post the source of my ire and then you can read the article for further analysis of what is going on.
Here it is:
You can't give a stronger endorsement than voting for someone!

For those of you who have difficulty with what you are seeing above, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) basically said that he neither supports nor endorses Trump, but will vote for Trump anyway.
This begs the question, “WHY?!?
If you don’t want to even be seen in public with Trump, Rep. Chaffetz, then why the hell would you vote for him?
There is only one answer for this.
He is voting for the party.
NOT for what is good for the country or the citizens of this country. But what is good for the party.
And this is what is wrong with America. Too many people are voting for the party and not for the country. As a result, the politicians don’t care about the welfare of the American people. They are more concerned with keeping themselves in power. And to stay there, they will do anything. Including voting for a complete clownstick who can’t make a profit to save his own name.
And American citizens are doing the same thing. They are voting for the party because they have always voted for the party.
This is why America has become so fucked up over the past 16 years.
People have not been voting responsibly. They have been voting for their party because they have always been voting for their party and they will always vote for their party.
That’s akin to hiring a serial child rapist to be your babysitter and expecting that he will do a good job protecting your children while you go out for a weekend getaway with your spouse.
As a result of voting like this, we’ve gotten a United States Congress that is filled with degenerates, ignoramuses, morons, and corruption on a level I don’t believe American politics has seen in its entire 240-year history as a nation. We have a Congress filled with people who, even if I marched a fully-grown elephant into the Capital and let it shit on their desks, would insist that elephants don't exist. They would do this because some corporation that sells ivory has made a sizable “campaign contribution” and promised to give more if that congressional member votes against any law restricting ivory trade.
Wait? Isn’t that bribery? That’s illegal!
Hell yes it is! But it isn’t illegal anymore. The Supreme Court Citizen’s United decision makes it legal to bribe a politician on scales not seen since the fall of the Roman Empire. Hundreds of millions of dollars get pumped into Super PACs with the promise that the “money will go to supporting your candidate.”
They spend minimally on advertising on the candidates. When the dust settles after the election, the Super PACs get emptied out by making a whopping “donation” to a 501(c)(4), which is a private, non-profit, charitable organization. The keyword here is “private” which means the organization is not open to public scrutiny and accounting on how the money it received was actually divvied up.  And when it is divvied up, I can guarantee you that the money is NOT going to feed orphaned children or give an uplift to hardworking Americans who aren’t being paid enough money to survive on at their jobs.
Citizens United allows large corporations to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of complicit politicians completely off the record—legally—by using the roundabout loophole it created. Monies donated by gullible Americans into Super PACs gets quietly shifted into a 501(c)(4) and then the money in the 501(c)(4) gets quietly distributed to the people who created it and their politician.
This is why both parties were so willing to put up two candidates that the citizens of the United States didn’t like. The resulting shit show that we call the Electoral Process in this country has completely distracted everyone from the real shit show which is the United States Congress.
While the biggest sinkers in this shit show have been the conservatives, the liberals haven’t been helping either. They did everything they could to ensure that a party member who tows the party line was put up as the Democrat Presidential Candidate. As a result of their manipulating the rules of the Democratic Party convention, my choice of voting went from Bernie Sanders to anyone or anything that is not Fuckface von Clownstick (alias “Donald Trump”).
The only way to solve this isn’t so much who you vote for to become the President of the United States, it is who you vote into Congress. My suggestion is to overturn the lot. Don’t vote for the party, but vote against anyone who has served more than two terms in office.
And if you say, “I’m disgusted with the whole thing and I’m not voting for anyone!” Then you are the biggest fuckhole in this whole fucking problem that the US is in. If you didn’t/don’t vote, then you are absolutely liable for this mess. George W. Bush got into the Oval office by just 12 votes in one state. And only 30%–35% of the US population eligible to vote actually voted! If just 13 more people had voted, then the war with Iraq might never have happened, over 7,000 US Military members and over 50,000 civilians in the Middle East would still be alive and we would have never had the massive recession that the Bush/Cheney administration dumped on the US and the GOP has spent the past 8 years trying to pin the blame for it on President Obama.
My message to everyone is go out and vote. NOW. Don’t just wait until Election Day. The polls are open now.
Oh? And what was my second point to all this?
The very fact that all the links above point to the sources of my information. Have you actually clicked on those to verify the veracity of what I am saying?
The problem with many Americans, especially those who only get their “news” from Fox News, is that they are not fact checking what is being said. It only takes a few seconds to type in a query on a search engine such as Google or Bing to call up that information. They are only paying attention to what they want to hear and ignoring anything else that is uncomfortable to their sensibilities.
Fact check, people! It only takes a few seconds! Don’t listen blindly just because it is your party/team that is saying it.
And that is another thing: don’t just pull up articles. Take a look at who is pumping out those articles. If it is a political organization tied to one party, then you can pretty much accept that everything coming out of that organization is nothing but propaganda and has little to do with fact.
The sad truth is, this pontification of mine is far too little, too late. Many people have already made up their minds and are going to vote one way or another and nothing is going to change their minds.
But it is possible that I could actually reach those 13 people who weren’t going to vote at all. Maybe—just maybe—that could tip things in the right direction for America.


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