Wednesday, July 5, 2017

That Embarrassing Moment…

…When you take another look and discover a mistake in the book after it has gone out the door
For those of you who bought Dragon already, you might want to do an update. 
The way you tell first editions is by the mistakes!
What happened?
It was a mistake I knew about. I intended to correct it before pushing out the files for sale. But I forgot. This is why you don't do production work at 1 AM!
Anyway, I pushed up the corrected version. For anyone buying my book after this point, you'd never know. For those of you who already have it, you've got a collector's edition! (You might want to make a backup, though, if you want to keep it. Eventually, the retailers will push down the corrected version and the mistake will disappear.)
Just what was the mistake? I'll leave it to any readers in the comments below to see who caught it. Otherwise, I'll post just what the mistake was at some point in the future.
What happens if someone finds a different mistake? Then  we all have a good laugh, after which I crawl back into my hidey-hole, muttering profanities at myself while I fix that, too.

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